semi permanent makeup

Semi Permanent Make up/ Permanent Make Up and Micro pigmentation are all the same thing. Once implanted in the skin can last for up to 5 years. Our skin and appearance change over time so the fading process allows us to make tweaks as the years go on to a look that’s current and flattering. Most people require a touch up every 12-18 months, but if you decide you didn’t want a refresh after this time the style of eyebrow given will never be massively outside your natural shape. If performed properly and in a flattering and natural way should give the illusion of ‘born with it’ beauty. My aim for you is to have beautifully, natural brows that no one knows you have tattooed!

ombre brows

This is a soft shaded technique. It is great for anyone wanting a soft and natural look or more defined look. Either is achievable depending on your preference. This method creates pixelated dots to mimic powder filled brows, there are no harsh fronts or outlines.

hairstroke brows

Fine feathery strokes are used to mimic natural hairs throughout the brow. (Please note this technique is not good for oily skin) Hairstroke combination is a mixture of strokes and shading and is the best of both worlds.

hd brows

HD brows is a branded treatment that only therapists trained directly with HD Brows can perform. It is a NON PERMANENT 7 step brow shaping treatment including brow mapping, tinting, waxing, threading all using specialist products. The treatment involves a full consultation to decipher what your brows are naturally like, how you would ideally like them to be and if it’s realistic that we can get them there! I like to take people on a brow journey, sometimes the desired looks can be achieved within a few treatments, sometimes a lot more.