Tattooing Versus Microblading… Do you know the difference?


9 times out of 10 i get asked if a client can get booked in for Microblading.  I have realised that clients don’t generally know the difference between microblading and tattooing, or that there even is a difference.  I’d like to explain a few differences. Now before i start you will probably realise that I’m slightly biased towards tattooing, for a number of reasons and not just because i do it.  There are i’m sure, a great many microblading technicians around that do wonderful work, but from what i’ve seen they seem to be few and far in-between.   Unfortunately I’ve only come across not so great work.


Firstly, there are various different names for permanent make up, semi permanent make up being one of them but, they are all a form of tattooing.  None are 100 % semi permanent or are guaranteed to leave the skin completely. They get called semi permanent as they fade, but much of this is down to the skill of the technician and the tool they use. Both treatments are done within the same layer of skin, one with a manual blade that creates slices in the skin and one with a machine and needle that creates a series of dots in the skin. Both use pigment formulated for cosmetic tattooing, as opposed to body ink.


Some people have pre conceived ideas about each type of treatment, i.e Microblading is more natural looking, tattooing is more invasive, heavier or more permanent , microblading means hairstrokes, tattooing means a blocky look…

These are all UNTRUE!

You can more or less get the same look from machine tattooing and microblading if its performed well. It’s a down to the skill and experience of your technician.  The exception is that with a machine and needle you have a wider variety of style options: classic hairstrokes, shaded hairstrokes, ombre, combination (strokes and shading) and barely they brows!  Microblading tends to mostly offer strokes and as I’ve seen, rarely heals as natural as when its first done. It’s also easier , in my opinion, to go too deep into the skin and create greyish and black strokes and not least of all create long term damage leaving scar tissue behind.

There are of course, a lot of skin types that are unsuitable for hairstrokes, whether microbladed OR tattooed, due to the skin being too oily and risking blown out pigment ( making the strokes blur together to create a block effect brow) Machine tattooing would give you other options in this case, such as a soft powder brow.


I hope i have cleared a few things up as to what each treatment is.  Whatever the treatment you are getting, the most important thing is to do your research and pick the right technician for you. You should be told in detail and have a really good idea of what is going to happen during and after your treatment, and an idea of the final look you are hoping to achieve.


I offer FREE consultations before you book, to answer any questions you may have and set your mind at ease.


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Nicola x